Reliance Product Quality Inspections will help to protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective merchandise, customer complaints, non-compliant products, and late shipments. Global Sourcing has become an important part of international business. Companies operating global businesses must make sure the products they purchase are of good quality, safe, compliant with associated regulations and that they have been produced in socially and environmentally friendly conditions.

What is an inspection?

An inspection is the verification of product quality to pre-identified quality specifications before, during or after the production process. Prior to the manufacturing process, raw materials can be inspected to identify if the materials themselves meet specifications. During the manufacturing process, products are inspected at the factory to verify that quality requirements and specifications are being met. After production, goods can be inspected prior to loading and unloading to verify that the approved final product is shipped and received according to the buyer’s requirements. Inspections throughout the various stages of production can help both buyer and manufacturers monitor that quality requirements for the product are being met and support on-time delivery of quality products.

What are the key benefits?

An inspection program can assist your company to:


With a comprehensive range of inspection services, we can help you better manage risk from product design to store shelf. And we can provide you with technical support to develop your inspections program in a way that can help to minimize risks and costs. Each different type of inspection we offer has a specific objective and benefit. All work together to monitor the quality of products throughout production and shipping. We can work with you to select and customize a program that best meets your needs.

WHY CHOOSE Reliance?

Experience & Efficiency We have partnered with the world’s leading retailers and their vendors to implement inspection services. This allows us to offer a “best practices” program saving you time and money. Global Resources With locations around the world, we can assess and monitor your suppliers in a variety of locations. Integrity & Ethics Our dedicated integrity team manages a ‘best in class’ program to minimize the risks of corruption and to educate auditors, factories and clients regarding our integrity policies and expectations. Operational Excellence With specialized auditor training and standardized global operations, we can deliver high quality and consistent service to you.