Differentiation in today business world, meant to attract more customers and more profits. But this distinction is have demonstrated to the customer. One of the best ways to show differentiation between your business and competitors is a standard business classification.


It is a ranking and classification scheme for different businesses. In this scheme, every business depends on the factors of management, customer service, quality of goods or services, knowledge of management and a range of other factors, measured and by the amount of earned points, award a ranking. Based on this ranking, the business owner and the customer can understand that the business how has the level of quality, and allowing customers of businesses to choose higher rated to receiving better goods and services.

How a business can notice his rank to its customers?

Businesses must be able to obtain at least 51 points out of 100 points, to grant classification certificates. The certification can be shown through the business website or other advertising methods to inform customers about the business rank and grade. The certification has a unique serial number that is admissible through this website Verification section.

How do I enroll in this plan?

Contact us through the contact us form, and select business classification in the subject line, Our experts will callback you for further information as soon as possible.

WHY CHOOSE Reliance?

This is a unique project and the first in the world, we designed and implemented for different businesses. Our experts with years of experience in measurement and evaluation, developed this standards and get approval by the authorities.