Having a competitive edge in today's ever-changing international marketplace means ensuring your workforce is highly qualified and well-informed. Reliance Certification's Training Services offer organizations a comprehensive training portfolio for enriching their workforce.
We helps people and organisations drive business performance to levels of excellence. We provide effective training paths to support the growth of individuals and organisations, whether in one of our public training programmes or in customised in-house solutions.

Our Solution

With a wide range of training programmes and certified qualifications all over the world we cater for a broad spectrum of industries: from work safety, management systems and technical skills to high-level executive programmes. Each adds tangible economic value, meaning your investment in people delivers increased efficiency for your business.
We are accredited by numerous training organizations, including global accreditation by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Why Choose Reliance Certification?

Reliance Certification is the global leader in accredited Management Systems Training and has a worldwide network of 610 instructors in 49 countries providing training to 11,000 individuals annually. With our proven track record, expertise, global presence and network of highly qualified instructors, we are uniquely positioned to offer both large and small organizations tailored and cost-effective training solutions.